Our vision is to create an attractive and sustainable new community. Sustainability can cover a wide range of aspects, but to us it means:

Social sustainability

To create a place for everyone where there is a strong sense of identity and community – a place that people can be proud to live in. The new community will be supported by a full range of social infrastructure, that is integrated and inclusive; it will be easy to get around on foot, cycle or using public transport; the development will also bring employment. It will be a vibrant place with a ‘heart’.

Economic sustainability

To create a stable and thriving local economy. New job opportunities will be created from the commercial, business and employment areas that are an integral part of Welborne. This will create spaces for a range of business that can be developed over time, therefore creating a more stable and sustainable local economy.

Environmental sustainability

To create a place that is designed to respect its surroundings and have due regard to potential future impacts. Welborne will be designed to encourage reduced use of cars, ensuring buildings are designed to be energy efficient and taking account of and protecting any existing sensitive ecology, flora and fauna. We have been exploring and monitoring sustainable sources of renewable energy over a number of years and opportunities to create energy locally. Solar power has been highlighted as the lowest impacting form of renewable energy.

During 2013, we were actively involved in promoting a large solar park approximately 5 miles east of Welborne. Planning permission was secured with connection completed in Spring 2015. The large scale nature of the Welborne development allows us to plan and integrate sustainable technologies to the benefit of both the community and the wider environment.

Welborne Energy LLP has been established to own and operate the solar park. It provides 40 megawatts of energy to the grid – enough to power Welborne two times over with green energy.