Established in 2006, Buckland Development Limited (Buckland) is part of a group of Winchester based companies that together bring a bold, agile and creative approach to a range of complex projects.  The group includes Buckland Capital Partners Ltd and Portchester Equity Ltd.

Buckland is the Master Developer of Welborne Garden Village near Fareham, Hampshire.   Welborne is a locally significant and regionally important proposed mixed-use development set in 1000 acres where the focus is on place-making and the creation of a new community over the next 20+ years.

Unique among  other developers, we are not focused solely on housing numbers or maximising returns in the short term.  Our approach to delivering Welborne is driven by a long term vision, total commitment to the process as our sole project coupled with early investment in order to establish a characterful and sustainable place that will bring significant benefits to the area and stand the test of time.

We  have been closely involved in all the planning stages of Welborne for over a decade and look forward to being the driving force to delivering the shared vision, through construction phases and into early stewardship of the developing community at Welborne.


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A unique approach

Buckland is driving the vision and future delivery of Welborne, with full commitment and support of the local landowner of Southwick Estate, Hampshire.  Southwick Estate land has been in the stewardship of the same family for nearly 500 years – the philosophy of legacy and long-term vision is therefore embedded in our approach.    We are committed to and invested in the lifetime of Welborne as our focal project.  We have assembled and funded our own experienced in-house and consultant team over the last decade leading to submission of the largest planning application Fareham Borough Council has received.

With our intimate knowledge of the site and area, combined with our ownership and control of all the land necessary for the delivery of the entire scheme, we are in a position to make Welborne a special place.

Rather than looking at the land on a short-term basis, exploiting its value quickly and passing on responsibility for development, Buckland is looking at long-term investment, development control through strategic Design Code, together with continued involvement and stewardship of the developing place and community of Welborne.  This sets us apart from the ‘industry standard’ developer.

Buckland’s capabilities are complemented by Buckland Capital Partners Ltd and Portchester Equity Ltd.  Coupling their financial and investment expertise with Buckland’s development knowledge and landownership control enables us to take a uniquely innovative and comprehensive approach to complex projects such as Welborne.  Early investment, forward thinking and engagement is key to our approach – such as building Welborne Energy LLP 48MW solar park, creating a Delivery Strategy for the next 25 years, acquiring land for Welborne and commitment to  infrastructure including £20 million contribution toward a new motorway junction.