Buckland secure go-ahead for Welborne delivery


Tonight’s [09.10.17] decision by Fareham Borough Council (“FBC”) now to work with Buckland Development Limited (“Buckland”) as the Master Developer of Welborne is a significant break-through and underpins Welborne’s position as the most advanced of the Governments 14 allocated ‘Garden Villages’.

With 96% of Welborne land now in the control of Buckland, the experienced development team will be driving forward to deliver the new community, with construction expected to start by 2019.  Following the submission of their outline planning application in March this year Buckland has been working closely with FBC and is now seeking the full and co-ordinated support of the other statutory authorities.

Welborne’s allocation as a Garden Village supports Buckland’s long held approach to master planning which is based on a 21st century interpretation of Garden City principles. Mark Thistlethwayte, Principal of Buckland Development Ltd, said:

We have worked extremely hard over many years to get this project to where we are today and have always been consistent in our approach and vision.  We are exactly where we had anticipated being in the process and are extremely pleased that FBC has now aligned their approach with ours.  We have consistently demonstrated our vision for Welborne and our commitment to creating a sustainable, exemplar Garden Village – this decision is a significant step towards us achieving this.”

Buckland is owned and controlled by Mark Thistlethwayte whose family have been custodians of the Southwick Estate in Hampshire for nearly 500 years.  Legacy is therefore also a key driver to the vision and aspiration for Welborne coupled with the desire to deliver a quality development for the whole community.

Plans currently include up to 6,000 homes, a village and district centre with a variety of commercial and employment uses, plus two primary and one secondary school, healthcare and community facilities, and extensive green infrastructure with sports pitches, public open spaces, parks and woodland.

The plans would also deliver major infrastructure improvements for the area, including significant upgrades to Junction 10 of the M27 motorway and improvement works to the A32. Delivery of this supporting infrastructure is programmed for the early stages of the development, and would be paid for through a combination of public sector and private sector funding, as well as developer contributions.

Mark continued: “Welborne is a complex site and we have worked to ensure we know every inch of it. It not only offers great opportunities for future generations, but has also allowed us to bring forward an outline planning application that encapsulates the principles of Garden Villages. At the heart of our approach is the delivery of a sustainable community that will stand the test of time.”

Community dialogue has been central to the way Buckland has brought forward the project and it plans to continue this local engagement as the planning process continues.

Mark added: “Proactive engagement with the community during the development of our outline planning application has been very important to us. Our work to date has included public exhibitions and regular meetings with local Parish Councils, residents’ associations and societies. We are set to continue this dialogue as the planning application progresses and future detailed plans develop.”

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