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our approach

With our intimate knowledge of the site and area, with strong local historic links via Southwick Estate, combined with single ownership of all the land necessary for the delivery of the entire Welborne scheme – we are in a unique position to make Welborne a special place.

We are focused on early investment, continued involvement, long-term thinking and on-going stewardship of the developing community.  This is central to our approach and intention to deliver the character and quality of vision to create a sustainable resilient community over time rather than simply maximising housing numbers and short term returns.

We are approaching the design and planning of Welborne by looking at it as a whole community, ensuring an undiluted and consistent vision for future delivery via use of Design Codes. We will be working with small and medium regional housebuilders and have established Welborne Garden Village Trust – a not for profit organisation which will be responsible for ongoing stewardship of the growing community.