TCPA urges new approach to housing delivery


Response to TCPA’s Garden Cities statement

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) has urged the Chancellor to use next week’s Autumn Budget to set out a new commitment to Garden Cities.

You can read the TCPA’s statement and find out more about its guidance on Garden Cities here.

Mark Thistlethwayte, Principal of Buckland Development, commented:

“We welcome the TCPA’s statement and its efforts to encourage a new, national approach to housebuilding based around Garden City principles. Buckland adopted these principles from the early stages of our involvement in Welborne over 10 years ago; they have shaped our vision and approach to masterplanning and are demonstrated in the outline planning application that we submitted earlier this year.

“We too agree that the Government’s commitment to fixing the housing market needs to evolve to ensure that the solution doesn’t lie in the creation of soulless estates developed for short-term profit, but instead in the creation of real communities with a focus on place making and that leave a lasting legacy. 

“We are creating a destination community at Welborne where future generations can live, work and play through the accessible network of green spaces and leisure facilities, supported by local employment and infrastructure . As the most advanced of the 14 Garden Villages announced in January this year, we are committed to setting the standard for this long-term, innovative approach to housing delivery. “